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A Castle, a meeting place, an opening on the world

Château Haute Roche was built in 1847 and bought in 1947 by His Excellency Claude Achille Clarac, diplomat and French ambassador, whose wife was Annemarie Schwarzenbach, the famous writer, journalist and photographer. During his stays in Haute Roche, Claude Achille Clarac arranged the building of an extension and a terrace, and improved the design of the garden.

The garden has been designed in order to create different atmospheres, from the French formal garden to the Japanese garden, and the rock garden. Henri Pagau Clarac, his adoptive son, a dedicated expert himself, has pursued the work of his father and made it an exceptional place – a « jardin d’exception ».

Many celebrities have stayed in Haute Roche. His Excellency Claude Achille Clarc and later his son gave it a special life and we feel very humble when taking over, hoping that we will be living up to the expectations.

It is often said that the beauty of a place does not depend on the location but on the people who stay there.

We wish you a very pleasant stay.

Some special moments at Château Haute Roche

The early morning mist slowly begins to lift over the valley and you may have the chance to see and hear a hot air balloon approaching. You may also be lucky to watch the deers grazing below the garden. Pheasants, hares and boars do also dwell in our place. Do not hesitate to have a stroll in the property and find your own favorite spot.

Enjoy the terrace with a drink before the dinner and enjoy the view, between the Austrian pines, to the illuminated dungeon of Oudon in the evening.