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Each guestroom at the Château has a panoramic view of the Loire Valley

When we travel, one of the most important aspects we look for is comfort, and that’s what our main focus is here. Our guestrooms are spacious and romantic, with king-sized beds, plush mattresses with soft overlays, and high quality linens, which will contribute to a good night’s sleep.

We also care about the environment. We’ve replaced all the windows for airtight, efficiency, keeping drafts and noise to a minimum. Wi-Fi is available throughout the chateau including all the guestrooms.

Wake up in the morning, open the shutters, and breath in the fresh air while you discover the beauty of the sweeping views surrounding us.

Swedish Grace Guestroom:
Scandinavian inspiration

Rose Garden Guestroom:
Art Deco inspiration

Tower Room Guestroom:
A view on the Valley and the gardens

Who am I ?

The project of our Chambre d'hôtes started long time ago as we have been inspired by our own travel and living abroad experiences. Born and raised in the coutryside of southern Sweden, I value the respect of the nature we belong to. My professionnal life also brought me to USA, California, Denmark and France where I have resided for more then 25 years.

Coming at Haute Roche for the first time was something very special as I hope it will be for you too. It was love at first sight. We fell under the spell of Château Haute Roche, were charmed by its history and enchanted by the view on the Valley.

The idea is to offer our guests what we appreciate during our own travels, in terms of exceptional location, cooking and comfort.